Monday, January 24, 2011

Go on take a risk...

...what have you got to lose?  Nothing ventured - nothing gained.

So why this post?  I have been in my present role for 3 and 1/2 years.  Now I feel the time is right to shoot for the stars and try something new.  My issue is though that I have been in my present role so long that I am unsure if trying for something new really is the way to go.

Then earlier today I had a great conversation with a work friend who wound me up about taking a risk.  "Why not have a go?" he said.  And so I argued with him becuase I my confidence and thinking was just far too narrow at that time.  My arguing with him was futile because he was right.  So now that I have my confidence up and some gusto in my stomach - it's time to go for it!

Sometimes we need to have someone challenge us, our thinking, and our motivations or lack of.  Now to get started on getting my CV and application looking sharp.  I challenge you to find someone who will challenge you!


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