Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take a Break

An important part of managing is knowing and understanding your energy cycles. Energy cycles are governed by what you eat and the amount of rest you have.

Here are a few tips to help you through the year -
  1. Keep a diary. Keep a hourly record of your energy levels over a fortnight and map the trends. What time's were you full of energy and ready to go? What time's were you on a low and needed a boost?

  2. Plan your year. When you put together your annual leave plan make sure you take breaks right across the year and most importantly when you will need them. Aim to have a few spare days up your sleeve for those days when you just can't face another day at work.

  3. Eat right. Your energy levels will rise and fall based on your diet and fitness levels. If you eat right then your food should provide a constant amount of fuel throughout the day to enable to be balanced.

  4. Take breaks. You might feel like you are accomplishing more by skipping your coffee break but you may actually be achieving less. Take your regulated breaks when you can. If you are busy - reschedule your break for a better time - but don't skip it! Your body and brain's need to take a break. Then when you come back to the task you wil feel more fresh and you will be able to apply yourself better to it.

Taking time off and not being in the office is just as if not more important as being there!

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