Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Missed Position

So you applied for a position within your company - one that you really wanted or coveted - and didn't get it. What do you do?

Well you can either - get bitter or get better!

Here's what I did for the person who got the job over me -

  1. Congratulations. I offered them congratulations and wished them well.

  2. Support. I offered and gave as much support as I could to enable them to be the best at what they have to do.

  3. Integrity. I speak highly of the person when I am talking to others in the staff room or on other occasions.

Remember - you reap what you sow! Here are some questions I use to self relect -

  1. Role size. Was the job the right shape/size for my abilities? If I didn't get the job because of a lack of skill - then get started and work towards fixing those areas of lack.

  2. Philosophy. Did the job role and company philosophy suit me and vise versa? If not then great - I don't have to deal with those issues in the future.

  3. Interview. What questions did they ask? How do I feel I answered them? Could I have handled the interview any differently?

So you didn't get the job. Don't get even - get better!

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