Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Think Yourself Happy

What you think and what you think about yourself are the two most vital keys in determining your success.

My 2010 resolution moves along the lines of positivity and the building of self confidence.

How am I doing it?
  1. Daily affirmations. One I am using at the moment is the affirmation card from Zig Ziglar.

  2. Reading positive books.

  3. Listening to positive and confidence building podcasts. Check out the "My Thought Coach" podcast on iTunes. It has some fantastic thoughts lessons for everyone to learn.

  4. Not being so sensitive to the words of others. I am working through learning how to figure out which criticism's are valid, which aren't and then dealing with them correctly.

  5. Self reflection. Not so much a diary but rather a critical reflection tool for reviewing events throughout the day - those that went well against those that didn't. Then creating a plan for moving forward the next day or finding a way to strengthen any areas that need it.

  6. Talking positively. Being careful about what I say and trying to avoid words or statements that are negative, slanderous or just a waste of time saying.

It is going to be a good year - this year!

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