Sunday, December 5, 2010

Self assessment and evaluation

The NZ education system has undergone a sea change and has moved from a system of auditting to self assessment and evaluation.  Under the old system educfators were treated like accountants in that the entire method of teaching was reduced down to a series of numbers and basic measurements.  So if an organisation was good at writing reports then they could massage the numbers in order to meet their own purposes.

Under self assessment and evaluation the organisations are given the power to get their business right from the outset.  Self assessment and appraisal is something that most people do intuitively and generally pretty well.

There are three basic questions that underpin the self assessment method -

  1. Whats up?  (Where are we at?  Whats going on?)
  2. So what? (What does this mean?)
  3. Now what? (Where to from here?  What and how can we improve?)

Self assessment changes everything.  Why does everything change?  Because all the questions, and ultimately all the answers, are all forward facing and future focussed.

It is geared towards ensuring that students achieve their desired outcomes and goals while returning value to the major investor - the government. 

I thoroughly recommend that you find out more on evaluations with a click here.

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