Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cross organisational relationships are necessary

One of the biggest areas that I have had to work hard on over the past few years has been keeping in touch with others in my organisation.  While the building I work in is located on the main campus we are seperated both physically and psychologically from the rest if the campus.

Our building is the only one of three buildings that are not located in the central layout of buildings.  Of the other two buildings one is used only for special occassions and the other building is serviced by and for our clients - the students./

So what strategies have I employed to keep in touch with the main campus?

  1. Attend social times.  Morning tea, lunch times and other breaks are a perfect time to catch up with what is happening around the traps.  Be careful though - avoid the negativity and any rubbish talk that may take place.
  2. Join working parties.  If a project is going on somewhere then get involved.  Joining into a cross organisation project is a great way to extend your influence and also your connections.
  3. Get out of your chair.  The old adage goes that if you want friends then you first need to be a friend.  Nothing has changed.  People enjoy personal contact and speaking to someone in real life.

Staying in touch with people is not hard but it does require hard work and discipline.

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