Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Media Statistics

Amazingly even now in 2010 some people still aren't convinced that social media is a valid tool for marketing.  Honestly!  (Some of those people work at my workplace...)

If you click on the following link you will find a whole buch of statistics that relate to the Asia Pacific region speciifically -

So how do we as an education organisation engage?
  1. Facebook.  This is an interesting one.  Our main institute page has over 500 fans (which is not too shoddy) but the other pages for individual schools don't seem to be able to gain any traction.  The other interesting side to Facebook is that there are lots and lots of international students who use it to find out what the institute feels like and to let others know they are coming.
  2. Twitter.  Twitter is great for connecting with specific industry groups and organisations.  There is where we are able to engage in each of the different business units with our customers.
And what are great examples from other education providers?
  1. RMIT.  These guys are based in Melbourne, Australia.  They effectively engage using twitter and facebook to keep on touch with their stakeholders.  They design and implement their marketing strategies across all their various media channels.
  2. NorthTech.  For a polytechnic based in the far north of New Zealand these guys are great.  They are using YouTube to quietly and efficently show the world what they are up to.
The choice is clear.  Engage with customers in a non-threatening easy way through social media or keep hammering away using traditional methods like print media.  The choice is yours.  I know which one I prefer.

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