Thursday, October 28, 2010

Increase your performance with four easy steps

The best way to improve your performance in life is to measure, plan, change and review.  Want to improve your performance?  Lets view these four steps in action using physical fitness as our example.
  1. Start measuring.  Find some parts of your role/life that can be measured and measure them.  For example - how much time do you spend each day working on your fitness? 
  2. Start planning.  After you have your measurements then you will have a clear idea on where your issues may be and you can start planning on what and how you are going to improve.
  3. Start changing.  Put your plan into action.  Start making changes - small ones at first and then grow those changes into larger and bigger changes.  The important thing here is that the changes are incremental and sustainable in the long term.
  4. Start reviewing.  This is where you begin the cycle again from step one.  Look at where you were when you first measured, assess the plan - did it work?, were the changes too much - just enough - or too much?, then start all over again.
The more data and measuring you do, the easier it is to judge if you are improvinr or not.  Another aspect to this is getting a coach.  Find an expert who can look at your performance impartially and who can guide you towards making improvements.

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