Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Media Policy

If your organisation is considering getting embracing social madia as a genuine tool for marketing and advertising - go for it!  It is super simple to use and it is generally free (except for the man hours of course).

If your organisation is going to get started I recommend the following -
  1. Establish some protocols and policies.  Make sure people know what the rules are around what they can and can't, should and shouldn't say in regards to your organisation.  If there are no rules - the people will run wild.
  2. Embrace the people using the technology.  Start by getting the people using social media for their own personal use to take up the challenge of using it to promote your organisation instead. 
  3. Get edgy in what you are doing and the tack you take.  With the internet you can tell your potential customers a different story.  Get a bit wild and maybe even a bit wicked.  On the internet - cool stuff spreads quickly.
  4. Pick the right web space to use and locate yourself in.  Different internet users use a variety of web platforms and pages.  Like all marketing the idea is to find where your customers are and go and speak to them where they are.
At the end of the day the statistics around social media use in your country are quite astounding.  Embrace social media before social media embraces you.


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