Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Demonstrating Real Leadership

Real leadership is a persons ability to see a need or a gap and having the courage to take charge. 

Here is my example.  Today we had a large bunch (about 120) school kids jam packed into one small room and area.  They were fidgety unruly and generally noisy.  That's what kids do!

What I really did was show leadership. At this point in time the staff member who was co-ordinating the event had to go elsewhere because other staff members hadn't shown up.

Where the leadership aspect comes into play is where I took the lead and tried to get the kids attention and got them thinking about the environment they were in.  I did this by asking them questions, moving their attention away from themselves and interacting with them.

Then when the appropriate staff turned up I worked with the co-ordinator to get the kids heading in the right direction (focus groups).  In this case leadership was demonstrated through getting the kids (13 and 14 year olds) to focus on something bigger than them and something worthwhile.

Leadership was also displayed by the co-ordinator who made fast decisions, co-ordinated people, got responses and then debriefed at the end.  Leadership is best shown in the heat of the moment that at the end of the crisis.

Leadership isn't always demonstrated through big events and world changing actions.  Real leadership is displayed when someone has the courage to step into a situation and make a difference. 

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