Sunday, October 11, 2009

Staying Motivated

After taking annual leave, being sick or exiting a stressful time period at work it is easy to become tired and lack lustre.

Work standards fall and so does the quality of the work that is being out put.

Try these simple starters to help get you started -
  • Read all your emails first. Clear all the distractions.
  • Sort your tasks by rank - urgent, important, not urgent, not important.
  • Assign days to the tasks. That is a particular job can be done on Thursday rather than Tuesday thereby reducing the stress and pressure.
  • Delegate quick and easy tasks, then complete as many small tasks as you can.

After making some easy wins - you will feel more energised and better able to take on the big tasks that lie before you!

You may also find some more helpful hints here -, or the Harvard Business Ideacast 161: Stuart Friedman (iTunes).

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