Thursday, November 11, 2010

Communication - it's essential to get it right

In my organisation there are a number of central departments and committees who make decisions that affect how and when of the strategy and administrative processes for our organisation. At each meeting of those various committees minutes are taken and a record is kept of the main action points, resolutions made and decisions finalised.

Each department has designated attendees for each committee whose role it is to attend, provide robust discussion and state the departments view of any decision being reached.  However there are leaks in the pipes of information.  So what should we do fix it?

  1. Communicate the main points to the people who actually do the work.  People at the front line need to be told over and over and over again what the new rules and expectations of them are.
  2. Meet with the appropriate people in person.  Get together and talk about it face to face.  Chances are there will be more answers than questions.  Keep the agenda tight, the points sharp
  3. Stay visible and contactable.  People need to know who you are and where you can be reached at.  For clear communication to take place - people don't want to and probably won't play hide and seek with the information that they need.
  4. When you think people have got it - say it again!  You can never repeat the message enough times.  When it gets annoying is after the thid time you have said something and you still haven't made any progress or taken any action.  That sucks.

There will always be room for improvement when it comes to communication.  The best place is to start - is at the beginning!

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