Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 tips for a great work wardrobe

First impressions last.  Lasting impressions aren't always the first impressions that you make.
The most obvious way to impress or not impress as the case may be is the way you dress.  Dressing well need not break the bank nor be that hard to accomplish.
Here are my recommendations for keeping in step with fashion and how not to break the bank while you are at it -
  1. Watch what is happening as far as clothing trends go.  I recommend as the best place to start.  Knowing what trends are happening now and are coming shortly is important to know.
  2. Start with black.  This is the easiest colour to wear clothes with.  Simple.  Don't get stuck with black or wear it too often.  Vary the colours that you wear with black and begin to expand your choice of colours.
  3. Buy a great coat or jacket.  A great jacket can cover a multitude of shirts and tops.  In fact it may be a better idea to invest in two jackets.  that way you can easily alternate them.
  4. Get shoes that are simple and go with everything.  One great pair of shoes looked after well can last a long time.
  5. Shop online at auction sites.  Often times business people (especially real estate people) turn over the clothes in their wardrobe quite often.  So you can pick up clothes that aren't that old and still have plenty of life in them - cheap as chips! 
Pair up the latest style trends with what's going cheap on your favourite auction site and you can leave an impression on people that will last longer than your wardrobe does.

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