Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leadership Interviews - Number 3

Check out this short interview with Pete Peterson, alternatively there is another great longer video over here.

Here's my take on what Mr Peterson covers -
  • Longevity rules. Mr Peterson has a proven track record over time which equals credibility. When you get to Mr Peterson's age and have grand kids - you care more and you aren't afraid to tell people what you really think.

  • Honesty is everything. Be honest at the time when honesty is most required - not a long time after.
  • History counts. The longer you are around or are able understand the past - the more effective your management becomes as you are able to quickly react to new scenarios and situations.

  • Do what you enjoy and what you are good at. There is no more full proof strategy than that.

  • When you've made 'it' reinvest your fortunes into those that either haven't made 'it' or are on their way.

  • Never stop thinking about tomorrow or how you can do things better.

Editors note - you may not always agree with someone and their views, but that doesn't mean you can't mine a wealth of knowledge from them.

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