Sunday, June 28, 2009

What do people know?

Interesting isn't it - the fact that the more we hang out with people, the more we are able to learn about them - without knowing it.

If someone knows me better than I think they do or should - what should me reaction be?

Run and hide, face up to the facts, interact with them more? Where is the line?

The better people know us I s'pose the more comfortable we can be. It was interesting that at a masquerade ball - a person showed me that they could see behind the mask (metaphorical for behavior).

Where do I go now? Am I comfortable being known? So often I have enjoyed being a different person to different people in different situations. But I suppose now - there is no hiding, however I can still change who I am - with ease.

Watch this space - the new Jonny Hagger to be revealed in the next few months...

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