Sunday, November 8, 2009

Personal Leadership Branding No.2

Great products are easily recognisable and easy to spot. Take Coca-Cola for example. With a significant and consistent brand they have been able to achieve market domination.


  • A Coke logo can be easily spotted in a crowded arena of fridge,

  • You know what you are getting when you open the lid,

  • It still tastes the same as the last time you opened it.

How does this apply to you?

  • Can you be spotted in a crowd? (And I don't mean just by wearing loud clothes)

  • What will someone hear you say when they ask you a question?

  • Are you consistent in your approach and style?

Try doing this test so see where you at -

  • How can I make myself stand out in a crowd?

  • What sets others apart that people notice?

  • What have I learnt recently?

  • Am I recycling old thoughts and habits or am I developing new patterns?

  • Am I consistent in my conversations with others and with what I tell them?
If you are aware that you don't stand out and you need to create your own brand, the best to start is in reflection.

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