Sunday, March 1, 2009


Does living with the knowledge that salvation is secure remove or lower the responsibility of the believer in regards to their behavior?

Romans 7 and 8 clearly deals with this issue. Paul states emphatically - no.

BUT - the believer must also be able to live in 'the rest'. It doesn't have to be hard!

This is the area where I always struggled, and often this brought on bouts of depression and made my failings into a viscous circle.

I now am at rest and am peaceful about my life. I am not struggling with bad feelings or constantly keeping an eye out for the judge. Neither do I spend each day wondering amourous thoughts about God. I am just not that kind of person.

What I do do is - live my life. What else is there? Take it easy, kicj back and enjoy life - because that is what it is for.

If life is one constant drama and you keep jumping from one batllefield to another - whats te point? Chill out, read the bible as it is written, and just rest.

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